Cold Weather Powdered Teat Dip

Powdered Frost Protectant

During the winter season and periods of cold weather the teat surface of dairy animals is subject to added exposure especially when liquid teat dips are employed after milking. The use of liquid teat dips in cold and windy conditions will cause chapping and freezing of the teat. For this reason a powdered product was developed which contained food grade ingredients and had both bacteriocidal and healing qualities.

The concept of a powdered formulation originated with two scientists following research on the bacteriocidal and healing properties of a herb, Comfrey. The active ingredients in Comfrey were identified and then duplicated in the powdered formulation from laboratory stocks. Various formulations were tested against three type bacteria; Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactiae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and the best formulation and carrier was determined. This product was also tested for healing properties. The original research required three years before a suitable product was determined. The formulation was tested in the field on dairy animals with excellent results. The active ingredients in the corn starch carrier will kill bacteria and accelerate cell proliferation of cuts and damaged teat surfaces. Two patents were awarded o the original formulation, U.S. patent 4,668,692 and Canada 1,303,506 for a powdered Germicide and Healing Composition containing Allantoin and Ascorbic Acid.

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Provide climate control for your cows in the harshest of weather with the ultimate
in protection. Our powdered frost protectant features a germicidal agent
that reduces bacterial-causing organisms related to mastitis.

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In the field the formulation has been tested using dairy cows from the "hospital" with clinical cases of mastitis. Liquid dips were compared against the powdered formulation. Samples were taken from each teat before and after treatment by swabbing the teat with sterile cotton swabs and applying the swab to nutrient broth and then blood agar plates. There was a 79 percent reduction of bacteria for teats treated with the liquid dip and 90 percent reduction for the powder. The dry formulation is an excellent product that could be used not only during the cold months of the year but through all seasons.

Winterset is a new generation for the powdered formulation which has an additional bacteriocidal agent in the compound. This product is very effective for treating teats of dairy animals during the cold-winter months.

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