The original 6000 individual cow milking silicone liner. We have been producing this liner for over twenty years. It comes in three weights, 8.9, 7.3 and 6.0 oz. It has two different styles of mouthpieces, a smaller one for heifers, Jerseys and other smaller teated animals. It has proven itself as a liner that adds health benefit as well as longevity in the barn.

Silicone Plastics' SP-6000 Inflations are trusted by some of the most successful dairymen in America. Their unique design and unmatched durability make them the best in the barn.


Image of Danny Wiser
"What I really like best about the SP-6000 inflations is how long they stick around. They are the most durable inflation I've ever used."
--Danny Wiser, 36 year Dairyman

The Most Versatile Inflation in the Market
The SP-6000 is a proven milking inflation unique in materials and design.

High-Quality Medical Grade Silicone
bulletReduces risk of harboring bacteria
bulletConsistent performance throughout product life
bulletProven material for ultimate udder health

bulletDependable for 6,000 cow milkings
bulletLowers replacement rate by 5 times over conventional rubber inflations
bulletDurable silicone doesn't crack or check
bulletHigher efficiency compared to rubber inflations (less manpower)

Triangular Barrel Design
bulletMore massaged surface area than round liners
bulletOptimal teat-end massage

Strong Shell Housing
bulletMade from the highest-grade resins available
bulletSecure, mechanical locking system
bulletSealed unit to eliminate bacteria growth

Transparent Visi-Cup
bulletAllows operator to monitor mild flow at a glance
bulletVented or Non-Vented for effective milk flow

Various Weights
bulletThree weights available to fit various claw weights

Interchangeable Mouthpieces
bulletTwo types of mouthpieces for various breeds of dairy cows and teat sizes

Image of Eric Giles
"The number one silicone inflations on the market today are made by Silicone Plastics. I've sold them for over 15 years and have witnessed excellent udder health and unmatched durability."
--Eric Giles
Giles Dairy Service, Provo, UT


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