Comparison of SP-6000 Silicone material and rubber inflation compound under intense magnification:

Image of rubber inflation   Image of Silicone Inflation

This is a photograph of a rubber inflation after 1,200 cow milkings magnified 2,200 times. Note the cracks and crevices which will harbor bacteria and increase the risk of cross infection in clean quarters.

This is a SP-6000 Silicone Inflation after 6,000 cow milkings magnified 2,200 times. Note the smooth surface even after 6,000 cow milkings. This smooth surface eliminates breeding areas for bacterial growth and significantly reduces the possibility of cross infection during the milking process.
>> Click here to read more on recent studies and findings on Synthetic Rubber vs. Silicone Rubber by Dr. Richard Heckman of BYU


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